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Haffy Kids

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Dolls are still important in the Computer Age

The benefits of playing with dolls such as Haffy Kids include: 

Spark a Child's Imagination

Playing with dolls teaches.  Dolls are the pathway to role-playing and permit children to pretend they are a parent, for example. As the imagination grows, children assume other roles they have observed such as doctor or firefighter.  

Skills Development

The repeated handling of dolls to comb their hair or change their clothes, for example, enhances fine-motor skills. Also, as children role-play with dolls they build their vocabulary and learn basic concepts such as big / little. 


According to Texas Child Care and Jerome Singer, psychology professor at Yale University, "children have a fundamental need to bring the large, loud world into manageable size. Doll play makes the world more relatable and understandable to young children, helps them develop confidence in their ability to solve problems and interact with their environment".  

Remember to schedule play time.  Doctor’s order! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children spend at least 60 minutes daily engaged in open-ended play. Let's Play Together!